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Fascist Italy

Fascist Italy

Fascist Italy

Fascist Italy

One thought to “Italy’s FASCIST era: History of Benito Mussolini & Italian Fascism”

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In fact, fascists used to band together in groups recognizable by their typical black shirts with the purpose of terrorizing and humiliating the opponents.

Fascist Italy

Fascist Italy embraced the "Manifesto of the Racial Scientists" which embraced biological racism and it declared that Italy was a country populated by people of Aryan origin, Jews did not belong to the Italian race and that Fascist Italy was necessary to distinguish between Europeans and Danske Sexnoveller.

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Italian Fascism believed that the success of Italian nationalism required a clear sense of a shared past amongst the Italian people along with a commitment to a modernized Italy. In a famous speech tIalyMussolini called for Fascist art that was "traditionalist and at the same time modern, that looks to the past and at the same time to the future".Estimated Reading Time: 13 mins. Fascist Italy