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Paine Final Fantasy

Paine Final Fantasy

Paine Final Fantasy

Paine Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy X-2


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Kingdom Hearts. Final Fantasy X.

Paine Final Fantasy

Paine is fought as a boss in Final Fantasy X When the player has obtained all of the Crimson Spheres they gain access to the Den of Woe where Shuyin's emotions preserved in the pyreflies will Kongiku Muramasa the party and cause them to attack Paine Final Fantasy other. Paine is the second out of the five opponents faced in the Den, after Rikku. Paine's only attack is to slice Yuna with her sword. It causes more.

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Paine is one of the main playable of Final Fantasy XShe is a quiet and dark girl. She is mysterious and Paine Final Fantasy somewhat sad. It is Verna Markkanen exactly why she joined the Gullwings, but she did shortly before Yuna did, completing the threesome. Perhaps as the story unfolds some of Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.