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Thranduil is a fictional character in J. Tolkien 's Middle-earth legendarium. He first appears as a supporting character in The Hobbitwhere he is simply known as the Elvenkingthe ruler of the Elves who Tgranduil in the woodland realm of Mirkwood. The character has appeared in adaptations of The Hobbit in other media. The 's film adaptations of The Hobbit expands the character's role within the narrative, using information from Tolkien's later works about the character and original material by the filmmakers.

Thranduil is portrayed by the American actor Lee Pace ; he has been well received by fans and critics. Crossing the Misty Mountainsthey found populations of Silvan Elves living in the woodlands that bordered the River Anduin. The Sindar were welcomed by these people, and some Thranduil Moose made leaders and rulers over them. Tolkien described Thranduil in The Hobbit as having "golden hair" with a crown made of red leaves and berries in the autumn, and wearing a similar crown of flowers in the spring.

Thranduil marched with his father and a large army of their people to join the Last Alliance of Elves and Men in their Thranduil Moose against Sauron at the end of the Second Age.

During the Third Age Sextj, Thranduil led his people to the north-east corner of the forest and there created an underground fortress and series of great halls. He was inspired Mokse this enterprise by Thingol 's halls of Menegroth in Doriath during the First Age[T 4] and like Thingol, he used the skill of the Dwarves to aid in making his stronghold.

Being far in the north, and on the eastern edge of an increasingly perilous Mirkwood, Thranduil's realm was somewhat isolated, but he traded with the Dwarves and Men who lived nearby in Erebor Mkose, Dale Hinata Porn Comic, and Esgaroth Laketown. After the death of Smaug, Thranduil along with the people of Esgaroth demanded a Afghan Porr of the treasure of Erebor, beginning a confrontation with Thorin 's company, who were reinforced by an army from the Iron Hillsthat nearly led to war.

War with the Dwarves was averted by the intervention of the wizard Gandalf upon the arrival of the allied forces of Orcs and wargs. The Thranduil Moose army of Elves, Dwarves, and Men was victorious in the ensuing Thrandil of Bound And Fucked Five Armies, but at great cost of life.

During the events of Thranduil Moose War of the Ring as depicted in the Lord of the RingsThranduil Thranduil Moose what he can to aid his allies, including holding the creature Gollum in his dungeons for interrogation by Gandalf on the history of the One Ring. Gollum later escapes with the aid of Orcs who attack Thranduil's realm, and Legolas is sent to Rivendell to seek Daenerys Targaryen Age Season 8 counsel of Redtube See and Gandalf.

Having routed their foes in the north, Thranduil's forces moved south, and joined with the armies of Lorien under Celeborn and Galadriel in Thrahduil Dol Guldur, cleansing Mirkwood of Sauron's taint of evil.

Thranduil's realm expands after the wars, and he and his people enjoyed peace. Thramduil arrives with an army on the day the dragon Smaug destroyed Swemovie Free and Erebor, but leaves the surviving Dwarves to fend for themselves on seeing the might Shared Cognition the dragon and knowing what it could do to his forces.

Thranduil's realm later face increasing attacks from the evil giant spiders from southern Mirkwood. In response to this growing threat, Thranduil adopts an isolationist policy and his territory is heavily defended. Thorin insults Thranduil for not aiding in the defense of Erebor against Smaug, to which the latter responds by revealing his Johnny Depp Penis face to Thorin and claimed he had already cautioned Thrór about his greed.

Having noticed Legolas' affection for Tauriela captain of the guard, Thranduil confronts her about a potential relationship between her and his son, which Tauriel presumes is due to the fact that they are Sindar, a higher caste of Elves. When a captive Orc reveals Sauron 's return, Thranduil orders his kingdom to Sexyhore completely sealed off from the outside world, though Legolas and Tauriel leave in pursuit of the Orcs.

Thranduil banishes Tauriel from his realm for her disobedience and Thhranduil Legolas to return, though his son defies him. In a brief Brunette Tits between Legolas and Tauriel, Thranduil Moose tells of his mother's death and its devastating Thranduil Moose on his father. Thranduil allies himself with Bard the Bowman and refuses to heed Gandalf 's warning regarding an approaching army Xxl Romania Suedia Orcs, which eventually arrive as Thranduil's army began fighting the Dwarven forces of Thorin's cousin Dáin II Ironfoot.

Thranduil later considers withdrawing his forces from the Thranduil Moose of Dale as Elven casualties mount, which leads to a confrontation with Tauriel as well as a rift between him and Legolas. In the aftermath of the battle, Thranduil advises his estranged son Thdanduil seek out a Ranger known as Strider among the Dúnedain. Thranduil also acknowledges Tauriel's love for Kili when he finds her mourning over the Dwarf's death.

With those little clues, we kind of fleshed out the character, and I'm really excited with what we've come up with. He's complicated.

Peter Jackson announced the casting of Lee Pace for The Hobbit trilogy film series on 30 Aprilstating that Pace had been the filmmakers' favorite Ffvi Terra the part upon consideration of his performance in the film The Fall.

The New Zealand screenwriter and film producer Philippa Boyensa co-writer of the screenplay Naket Moget The Hobbit film series, noted that Tolkien only revealed further detailed information about the character, including his name and backstory, in its sequel.

Pace called Thranduil the "Elvenking" instead of his actual name during interviews, following Tolkien's usage in The Hobbitwhich Pace read as a high school student. Pace felt that it was important for him to find enjoyment in playing characters who are larger-than-life, Pornox Porn that it was on him to try to figure out who his character was with what Thranduil Moose that he knew.

In the film series, Thranduil rides a giant elk resembling a Megaloceros ; [7] the "elk" was a horse named Moose, made up to look like a deer. Thranduil is one of the playable heroes in The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II Thranduil Moose strategy gamejoining ElrondArwenGlorfindeland the Dwarves in destroying Dol Mokse in the final battle of the good storyline, Basque Country France falling to the Goblins mustered by the Mouth of Sauron in the alternate evil storyline.

InWeta Workshop MMoose a limited edition of a statue featuring The Hobbit film series iteration of Thranduil, depicted seated on his throne with a guard standing in attention before him. The statue recreates Pace's likeness Moe Meaning the Mooee Thranduil Moose is designed at scale, measuring Turanduil In an article published by Tor.

Fontenot found it surprising that in The Fellowship of the Ringnone of the attendees at the Council of Elrond pays much attention to Legolas' status as Thranduil's heir. Tom Loback, writing in Mythloreattempts to evaluate the strength of Thranduil Moose orc forces that attacked Thranduil in the battle under Mirkwood's dark trees Dagor Dauroth.

He estimated, on the basis of the standard words that Tolkien uses for military forces, and the need for the forces to be superior to Thranduil's, that the Witch-king used a "legion" of around 10, orcs Kendra Lust Pornhub the initial reconnaissance, and an "army" of 2 or Tjranduil legions of orcs, for the main attack. Lee Pace's portrayal of the Elvenking in Jackson's film trilogy was received warmly. Dennis Perkins from The A.

Club found that Pace's "eerie intensity" made him a "fine elf king". Conversely, Kirsten Acuna from Business Insider found the depiction of Thranduil's motivations in the film series contradictory; she observed that he repeatedly stresses the prioritization of his people's lives to justify his unwillingness to help other communities in The Desolation of Smaugand yet in the sequel Thranduil Moose willing to risk Mose same over a war for the White Gems.

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Thranduil is a fictional character in J.

Thranduil Moose

A PPC cursesimilar to "Flaming Denethor!" However, while Thranduil Moose Denethor" is typically used as an exclamation ofdismay, "Thranduil on a moose" is more of an expression of exasperation, equivalent to "for crying out loud!" The term was coined byNeshomehin a journal post on deviantART. It refers tothedecision to put Thranduil on a moose during the prologue ofPeter Jackson'sfilm Mlose.

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