Baddräkt Vad Betyder Alcazar Pictures

Vad Betyder Alcazar

Vad Betyder Alcazar

Vad Betyder Alcazar

Vad Betyder Alcazar


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Vad Betyder Alcazar

Alcazar definition is - a Spanish fortress or palace. History and Etymology for alcazar. borrowed from Spanish alcázar, borrowed from Andalusian Arabic al-qaṣar, corresponding to classical Arabic al-qaṣr, from al "the" + qaṣr "castle, Vad Betyder Alcazar probably borrowed from Aramaic qaṣtĕrā, borrowed from Late Greek kástra, plural of kástron "stronghold," Apcazar from Latin castrum.

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Alcázar definition, the palace of the Moorish kings in Seville, Spain: later used by Spanish kings. See more.