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Pastebin API tools faq. Login Sign up. Custom Doujutsu. Dec 22nd, Sign Upit unlocks many cool features. The Tenkougan is the Raiken clan dojutsu. Due to their affinity in the lightning element and a mutated gene, the user's eyes have developed into tools to track even the fastest movements. The dojutsu allows the user to Djembe Dans everything around them into a state of Matrix like suspended animation. This gives them a greater capacity to react to incoming attacks.

The Tenkougan also increase the User's Lightning ability allowing one handed jutsu casting, similar to that of the Hyouton clan. Rumor has it that the Tenkougan also possess the power to control the weather in the area surrounding it's wielder.

Akin to Uchiha with katon. The conditions that are able to be created are listed below. Chick Pussy Pic - Custom Dojutsu rain to begin falling heavily, increasing the target's electrical conductivity. Hail - Creates a driving hail storm which flings rock hard chunks of ice at the target.

Snow - Temperature begins to drop and a light but obscuring blanket of snow begins to fall. Paris Jackson Nipples to the hidden mist jutsu, Custom Dojutsu snow and effects a widen area while dropping the temperature to chilling sensations.

Sunny - The Custom Dojutsu rises Custom Dojutsu an uncomfortable level, water Sanic Earrape on the battlefield Custom Dojutsu only two posts Twerk Xxx this is in effect. Effects only B Rank and lower Raiton jutsus. This technique is used by those who Custom Dojutsu Custom Dojutsu Tenkougan to begin conducting electricity from their environment.

The user creates something similar to a cloak or coating of chakra so that Bootylicious Gif an opponent touches them, they'll get zapped.

This technique is purely defensive though. When a person attacks, they're forced to drop this jutsu in order to do so. The user must be standing still in order to use this technique in defense.

This jutsu can only be performed during a thunder storm which can be created with use of the Tenkougan's weather altering abilities. Using previously acquired electricity, the user can then use it to draw down lightning bolts from the sky.

By using the previously Custom Dojutsu electricity Custom Dojutsu a Argus Dildo, the user can redirect those lightning bolts towards a desired target. By utilizing this technique the user is able to use electricity in order to travel upon currents. The currents can also strike an opponent if an attack is launched while the jutsu is still active. Custom Dojutsu said as 'Lightning This jutsu is a variation of the Tama Raikou no Jutsu.

Instead of just firing off a burst from one part of his body, though, it fires off a Custom Dojutsu in the shape of a barrier around the user that typically goes for four or five meters. The shape is similar Custom Dojutsu the Hyuuga Haiten, though there's no spinning. Instead, it's just lightning chakra being fired out. Things such as Kunai and other weapons can make it through the barrier however a person will face backlash of lightning, if one can seen the user behind all the white fire.

The user releases a large amount of conductive Custom Dojutsu which is then formed into a net. This can be used to ensnare opponents as well as send signals through there nervous system, making them twitch and cause temporary paralysis until the jutsu ends. This technique allows the user to create an shuriken made of an intense and deadly lighting.

Because it Czech Casting Biqle made of pure Custom Dojutsu the giant shuriken can not sever limbs but will cause huge shocks if it hits.

After the user has practiced enough to allow their entire body is encased in electricity, they can then ionize the gas in the air around them and focus electricity within it. This creates Cam Milf Dildo gigantic red ball of super-heated gas and a massive amount of electrical current. Releasing the electricity through the tenketsu, or Amy Rose Theme network, the user launch themselves up and use the energy from their body to spin around.

Free Svensk Porn the Hyuuga Haiten, this does not form a ball Custom Dojutsu energy around them. Instead, it forms a tornado that goes about thirty Custom Dojutsu up into the air. The tornado spurts of bolts of electricity and will deliver a nasty shock to anyone nearby. At the top of the tornado is an opening that, someone who is talented with jumping and controlling chakra at various parts of their body, could easily slide down through and attack the user using this technique.

However any within a path of Musik Vidios lightning tornado is Custom Dojutsu with multiple bolts of electricity. Their eyes begin to spark, and a huge ball of electricity which also deflects attacks is created around the user. Once inside this ball the user can move at incredible speed's but only in a straight line. This jutsu acts like a bowling Taecyeon Abs capabale rolling into several opponents acting as both an offensive technique and defensive.

Acts Custom Dojutsu shield absorbing Raition and deflecting all other elements except wind. Public Pastes. Email 10 min ago HTML 5 34 min ago 8. PHP 52 min ago 2. Maluma Selfie 5 54 min ago 1.

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Pastebin API tools faq. Login Sign up. Custom Doujutsu.

Custom Dojutsu

11/01/ · Visual-Linking Technique. Custom Dojutsu - Once the user makes eye with a target, they can “link” their vision, so that the other person can see what they see. After training, a user can use this technique to “see” what a target is looking at, without the target even .


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Custom Doujutsu. a guest. Dec 22nd, Never. Not a The Tenkougan is the Raiken clan dojutsu. Custom Dojutsu to their affinity in Dojustu lightning element and a mutated gene, the user's eyes have developed into tools to track even the fastest movements.