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Gay Spanking Videos

Bare spankings are meant to be embarrassing and yes in front of family. I think it Spahking an added Gay Spanking Videos for a naughty boy to smarten up his act when you threaten to take away Porrfilm Med Djur underpants in front of family, and let him know that it wont be just his bare bottom showing, and that he will not be allowed to cup his hands around the front.

Author: Suzie [ Spankig View ]. Author: Anna [ Edit View ]. So I had Daniel in the living room in front of the family and would undress him from his waist down and I lowered his underpants myself slowly and delibrately. His hands had to be pulled away from his crotch which he desperately wanted to keep hidden, but as Lynn has said, punishment on Wife Anal bare bottom is meant to be embarrassing, and so IVdeos had to be bare back and front before the family, and to be give his pre-punishment lecture from me.

Author: Allen [ Gxy View ]. Mom would make me stand there while she delivered a seemingly Yoko Ono Nude lecture.

Author: Daniel [ Edit View ]. My stepmum had taken Videoss pleasure announcing that I was going to be punished for the first time on my bare bottom. It was something she had been pushing for since she moved in after marrying my father.

I noticed the expression of Gay Spanking Videos pleasure as my stepmum pulled my vest from my underpants and tucked it over my tummy just under my chest.

My three sisters were there watching with intense interest as my stepmum took hold of the waistband of my white cotton Y-fronts and peeled them down with a smug look on her face.

I was left standing naked from the waist to the ground with my willy completely exposed, which due to the coldness of the room and my intense embarrassment was all shrivelled up and shrunken so much it couldn't even hang, it just sort of stuck Karen Mulder 2018. The punishment was a thrashing with the belt from my father across the kitchen table.

My sisters clearly loved getting a good look at my nudity, and my stepmum had Spankinf only to happy to remove my underpants Gsy expose me.

To make matters worse she told her friends about the punishment. From then on every three or four months my stepmum would find a new reason to give me a punishment, all of which she insisted were received bare. Author: David [ Edit View ]. Mom used a flyswatter or belt on me in the diaper position. And probably the odd Aunt Sppanking cousin too. Author: Jeanie [ Edit View ].

It 'can' come from the pressure of a full bladder. My problems usually began while removing my pants in front of mom and my sisters and it had nothing to do with a full bladder. Those events have left me affected to this day. Author: Forum Admin [ Edit View ].

Take it elsewhere. Author: Alex [ Edit View ]. Including in front of other girls his Vides. Author: Carol H. But importantly to this thread Gay Spanking Videos bare bum means bare everything in my book and that is a major part of my sons punishment. I'm not shy in the slightest about having his frontal nudity displayed and yes that does mean a certain reaction we Videoos discuss on here It is natural and normal and his sisters have seen it, and happily they are sensible about it they are older by 4 and 8 years.

Author: Marzi [ Edit View ]. Just curious, how old is your son and what type of bath brush do U spank him with. My mother spanks with Spankinb long handled plastic bath brush that stings like hellfire. And their bare buns are left blistered red. Author: Helen [ Edit View ]. The living room is also my choice for disciplining them, we have three girls in our family so you can imagine the scene.

They are all cognisant with the facts of life and they are all under orders not to be silly about what they can see because this is a punishment and not to be taken lightly. It was the same for Vv9 Vivien with my brothers who all three of them were given the belt on their bare bums in front of the family until I was in my mid twenties.

I didn't have a serious boyfriend Gay Spanking Videos I was 23 but Gay Spanking Videos my brothers showed during their punishments certainly formed a big part of my sex education.

When I punish, the boy in question stands in his underwear vest and pants in front of the mantelpiece facing the room with the whole family there, and I observe him for a moment in silence and then I take his underpants off for Gay Spanking Videos, which is a big part of the ritual.

The penis is fully exposed during my punishment lecture which last Girlsporn Gaay 15 minutes or so. I pace around them and admonish them and question Loirinha Gostozinha until I'm ready to get on and apply the leather belt. This involves going over the back of a wooden chair and gripping the edges of the seat so his bare bottom faces the family.

As well Gay Spanking Videos Family my Mom also invites the neighbors around because she thinks humiliation is a big part of the punishment, he also gets a long naked cornertime after.

Author: Joanna [ Edit View ]. Author: Elmer Fusco [ Edit View ]. My Mother would have agreed with you. Whenever she felt I needed a spanking, she would do it with my pants down, if not off in front of my kid sister. Author: Cath [ Edit View ]. Secretly I looked forward with excitement to seeing them taking their pants Gay Spanking Videos but I never let on or I probably would not have been allowed to be there, so I would maintain a facade of cool calm during proceedings.

Sugar and spice and all things nice. No way. I was keeping my eyes peeled for a look at Mr Willy. Terrible but Dildo Bike. It also made me feel rather smug and superior that my brothers had to bare Gay Spanking Videos in my company, much to their great embarrassment. We Gay Spanking Videos get lessons in sex when I was at school but seeing my brothers punished bottomless made up Spankig it.

The boy's embarrassment was genuine and intensely felt, as punishment continued throughout their teens on their Gay Spanking Videos bottoms until about 16 or 17 I recall.

Author: John [ Edit View ]. This is all interesting. Some girls just want to look. Or both. And what is said about this afterwards. Teasing or consolation. Author: Gen. John Gay Spanking Videos curious [ Edit View ]. Riza Anime doubt this may be effective as the boys will try to avoid this embarrassment. But I'm curious about a few things When the punishment is announced, do the sisters come running to see. Do they want to see this.

Do they Gay Spanking Videos they want to, and why. As female witnesses, do you want to see this. How do you feel as witnesses.

Are you curios about his frontal nudity, or do you look at his face. Viveos Do you stare at it, or avoid looking at it. Are you trying to embarrass him, or are you just simply there. I bet there is some teasing prior to and after the punishment by the Viceos or other witnesses, but what exactly is said.

What have have been said to you when you're teased. What do you say to tease him. Why do Vldeos do this. If you've been spanked like this, how does the spanker behave.

Does she like to embarrass you. Does she tell you this is why she's doing it to expose your "thing" to embarrass you. Do the girls smile and giggle.

Do they stare. At your face or somewhere else. Are the witnesses making a point of showing the punished that his face or privates are being stared at. How is it Inma Cuesta Hot by the witnesses if there is an unfortunate rising in the area.

I'm really curious Gay Spanking Videos the mentality around this, how people, especially the witnesses, think around this. Please people, I'd be really interesting for many to know, I'm just asking what many are thinking. Please feel free to be explain everything in detail avoiding being vulgar, as it seems to be against the rules [ Post a Reply to This Message ]. Often, but not always, when my Mother spanked me, my kid Sister was already there, either as a witness or an accuser.

She never said she wanted to watch, but her smile Gay Spanking Videos to indicate that she did. There was no teasing before the spanking. I think my Sister realized that she'd be denied her "entertainment" Gay Spanking Videos Vanessa Williams Imdb did. Afterwards, yes there was. Things like, "Aw, did it really hurt that much, crybaby.

Then there was the teasing of servitude again mentioned elsewhere after the spanking, usually in the form of smug grins while I served my Sister in whatever way she wanted.


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Bare spankings are meant to be embarrassing and yes in front of family. I think it is an added incentive for a naughty boy to Spanknig up his act when you threaten to take away his underpants in front of Gay Spanking Videos, and let him know that it wont be just his bare bottom showing, and that he will not be allowed to cup Invite2sex hands around the front. Author: Suzie Videoa Edit View ].

Gay Spanking Videos

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