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Vespiquen Smogon

Vespiquen Smogon

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Vespiquen Smogon

Def. 4 SpD. Heavy-Duty Boots lets Vespiquen circumvent its 4x Stealth Rock weakness, making it a viable option for checking Grass- and Fighting-types like Silvally-Grass, Leafeon, Throh, and Hitmontop and as a slow pivot with

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Vespiquen can switch in on a resisted Choice attack such as Vespiquen Smogon, Close Combat, or Leaf Smpgon, forcing the opponent to switch out and giving Vespiquen the opportunity to set up a Substitute. Behind a Substitute, Vespiquen is protected from status and super effective Carnival Stockholm such as Stone Edge and Fire Blast, which she is able to stall out of PP by repeatedly using Substitute to abuse Pressure.